Housing co-operatives bring many benefits to their members, including:



        • Members/tenants control the overall rents (within their co-op’s financial framework),
        • Member participation in helping run and manage the co-op keeps the housing charge lower.
        • There is no landlord profiting from our members.
        • Any surpluses can be used by the co-op to improve the co-op’s housing.


Diverse, inclusive communitySocial

  • Still Creek Housing Co-op is a inclusive, diverse, engaged community of neighbours who become friends.
  • Housing co-ops build communities where people know and assist each other.
  • Members can be involved in the Membership committee to select new members who would be a great fit and bring a positive contribution to our housing co-op.
        • Housing co-ops members organize a range of activities to help engage our members.



  • Housing co-ops create opportunities to develop skills useful in other walks of life.
  • Housing co-ops reduce dependency and give people a stake in where they live.
    You are not just a tenant.
        • Still Creek Housing Co-op is for those who want to be an active part in a positive, engaged, diverse community.

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Join UsThe waiting list is currently full.

As we focus on finding good, active participating members, we have very little turnover.